Dragsträngsleksak UFO™ | Stimulera bebisens fantasi

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A must for your baby!

Pull String Toy UFO™ provides children the opportunity to have fun and learn at the same time, by experiencing new textures, visual and auditive elements and discovering their surroundings from a new perspective while having fun in the process!

The toy features so many vibrant colors, a wide variety of textured surfaces, and elements that will get your baby’s curiosity and keep him/her busy trying to absorb all this new information all at once! Ideal learning activity through playing and sensory stimulation!

Safe And Worried Free

Made of food grade silicone and ABS, to ensure the toys is safe for children. It could be washed by boiled water.The Toys edges and surfaces are smooth, free of burrs, and will not harm children's delicate skin.

Fine Motor Skills

The aircraft design makes it easy for babies to grasp and hold, pull the cords from one side to other side to hear and feel the various sounds and vibrations. Textured cords and easy to hold grips promote motor skills, sensory exploration,fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Baby Sensory Toy

Soft pull bars for baby to chew on. With this toy, you will be away from the troubles of your baby chewing on the data cable.

Travel Toy

With just a string, this travel toy can be placed on top of the stroller. Pull String Toy UFO™ attracts the baby's attention and relieves the baby's anxiety caused by being restrained or traveling in the stroller. The portable size is suitable for traveling in cars, trains and airplanes. Good Travel gifts for kids!

Bath Toy

Can be used for baby play during the baby shower. As a great bath toy, fun shapes are sure to make the bath time fun, it doesn't fade and is easy to clean.Helps brain development, fosters creativity and imagination.

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