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Color: Black
Style: USB power supply

Do you like the music vibes?

Then come to a voice control rhythm light, whether in the car, studio, bedroom, or living room, 18 color mode and intelligent noise cancellation, bring more music atmosphere to your life, increase the interest of life!


Whether you are a game lover or a music lover, when you are ready to play games in front of the computer or pick up the guitar to sing gently, when there is such a lamp in front of you, it will definitely double your inspiration.
Even if you simply listen to music and the beating of lights,you can definitely relax and reduce stress.
You can directly plug in the USB cable as its energy supply to use the lamp.


When the music rings, it jumps with the music to create a dynamic neon effect!
Colorful rhythm music atmosphere lights are premium decorations that can create music and visual atmosphere.
It replaces boring desk lamps and brings color to the darkest rooms.


When you play the guitar or piano, it dances to your rhythm; When you play games in front of the computer, it feels your excitement; When you revel with your friends, it creates a festive atmosphere for you.
It is very suitable for camping parties, gatherings of friends and creating a happy atmosphere.

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