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Let us wait and see who have the best overall view.Whoever loses, accepts punishment.

HOW TO PLAY:This is a game for 2 or more players.During the game,you win when you have no magnets left.

ADDICTING FUN:Magnetic Chess can bring an unparalleled experience, a fun party game suitable for family and friends.

BOOSTS LOGIC AND CONCENTRATION:It makes people nervous and inspiring, and they break through themselves in one victory after another.

🎉 Fun And Strategic Gameplay

Engage in hours of entertainment with this magnetic chess set, offering a perfect blend of fun and strategic thinking. Challenge friends and family to thrilling battles of wits!

😃 Versatile Magnetic Game Boards

Choose your preferred playing surface with two options - a sponge chessboard and a rope loop chess board. The set's sturdy magnetic chess pieces ensure a comfortable and smooth gaming experience for players of all ages.

👪 Multilayered Family Bonding

Strengthen family ties with this magnetic chess game, designed not only as a fantastic board game for kids and adults but also as delightful party favors. Create lasting memories with shared moments during exciting matches.

👍 Educational Value

Enhance children's cognitive skills with this chess set, promoting logical thinking, judgment, and decision-making. The game involves placing magnets strategically, making it a simple yet challenging educational tool for kids.

🎁 Portable And Convenient

Elevate your family game nights and gatherings with this magnetic chess set. The compact design, complete with a storage bag, Adjustable Game Rope Length to Suit Your Needs,makes it perfect for travel, camping, and on-the-go fun. Enjoy the classic game of chess anytime, anywhere!

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Eve Kessler

The quality is good, and the creativity is very good

Alexys Lockman

Recommended purchase, this one can indeed exercise children's thinking

Ross Sanford

I played with the child all afternoon, it was great

Rachelle Torp

We love it, thank you

Roderick Glover

The goods arrived very quickly, ahead of time, it is very good.

Felipa Jast

Nice game, came very fast

Toby Corkery

Received the goods, with good quality and complete packaging. Recommended

Eunice Sauer

the chess arrived really fast, and seems to be fun to play with, my wife already like it.


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