Mamalove Baby Float™

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Genießen Sie eine ruhige Poolzeit mit Ihrem Kleinen

Mit Mamalove Smart Swim™ kann Ihr Baby die Freuden des Wasserspiels in einer sicheren, neutralen Position entdecken – und bleibt dabei immer in Reichweite Ihrer liebevollen Arme.

Sicherheitsmaterial für Babys

Hergestellt aus langlebigem, auslaufsicherem PVC-Material, erfüllt die CPC- und CE-Standards, die höchsten und strengsten internationalen Sicherheitsstandards für Spielzeug, wodurch es 100 % sicher und ungiftig sowie freundlich zur Babyhaut ist.

Nicht aufblasbarer Schwimmkörper

Im Vergleich zu anderen aufblasbaren Schwimmkörpern, bei denen die Gefahr einer Leckage besteht, verfügt unser Baby-Wasserschwimmer für den Pool über nicht aufblasbaren Schaumstoff im Inneren, der leicht ist und den Auftrieb verbessert. Die verbesserte, verstellbare Sicherheitsschnalle bietet 5 Stützpunkte für sichereres und zuverlässigeres Schwimmen.

Zwei Schwimmarten

Floaty für Kleinkinder bietet zwei Arten von Schwimmhaltungen: Rückenschwimmen und Brustschwimmen mit unterschiedlichen Schnallenmethoden. Mit diesem Schwimmkörper finden Ihre Kleinkinder die bequemsten Schwimmwege.

Entzückendes Aussehen

Helle Farbe mit Cartoon-Tiermuster, exquisites Aussehen spiegelt hochwertige Handwerkskunst wider. Perfekte Schwimmschwimmer für den Babysommer im Pool.

Mit Baldachin

Das abnehmbare Verdeck oben kann dem Baby im heißen Sommer Schatten spenden und es vor direkter Sonneneinstrahlung schützen, die zu Sonnenbrand führen kann.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Aurelie Hansen

Delivered very quickly and directly home. Everything is well packed. Very comfortable and beautiful

Abdiel Dooley

I shopped around for infant/boat floats before our trip to the lake with our 10 month old. This one is very well priced. Material is soft next to baby's skin. And I like that the red button to release the straps is covered to prevent accidental releases. Very sturdy also

Marta Hintz

Absolute best float I have ever bought!

Dannie Mayer

This float is not ever going to tip or flip over. Incredibly stable in the water. Completely fabric covered with wide, comfortable straps and very secure fastening system. No areas that will rub or cause a rash. We're using it with an 8 month old. The ring around her is so wide that she can't get her hands in the water, but that will change quickly.
Putting the baby in the float is very challenging. Almost impossible for one person to do. Instructions say put them in it before you get in the water, which is impossible with a child who can't stand on their own. But once the baby is in the float, they are absolutely safe!

Duncan Barton

She loves being in it! She always looks so comfortable like she's about to fall asleep. It was much sturdy than some inflatable floats.

Astrid Glover

This is a wonderful float. I'm a grandmother and I was hoping this float was as great as it seemed in the reviews and it is. I can play with my grandson without having to worry about him tipping over. It was a little tricky getting him in it the first time but you will figure it out. I recommend this float because of how safe it is and how happy the baby is in it.

Letha Ziemann

LOVE LOVE LOVE! We have an inground pool in our backyard, and these floats are amazing. I have 2, one for my 2 year old and one for my 1 year old. They both can be independent in the water with these on, obviously still under adult supervision, but I don't need to spend the whole afternoon holding 2 babies. They are so secure and I love the detachable sun shield. When they fall asleep in the floats, which always happens, I just attach the shield and let them float until my big kids are done swimming. It also lets them feel less afraid because they can be slightly independent. Such an awesome concept. So happy I found these! AND TOTALLY with the money! Great deal honestly, it lasts for more than 1 season. If you're on the fence just buy it! Trust me, you won't be sorry!

Justyn Wiza

I thought that the first time we put him in it he would not have a good reaction... I was wrong! He LOVES this float (maybe just loves being in the water) but this float gives us as parents a piece of mind that he is safe a secure in this. Laying on his belly looking out or on his back relaxing he loves it. I would totally recommend this to other moms!


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